All-Russian Youth Scientific Forum held in Nizhniy Novgorod

The three days of the Forum programme were eventful and featured workshops, round tables and panel discussions, presentations of achievements of leading scientists, and research support foundations, development institutes, and success stories of young grant funding recepients. The events of the Forum reflected current trending topics: Science and Society, Answers to Major Challenges, Career prospects. These events were aimed at introducing participants to the wide range of opportunities that are available to young scientists nowadays, to the priorities of scientific and technological development, as well as with demand from society that modern science can satisfy.

The Forum hosted the final part of the 3rd All-Russian competition of scientific research projects for undergraduate and postgraduate students. The final featured public defense of over 350 best scientific projects by students of 160 Russian universities. The expert evaluation board picked 37 winnning projects whose authors received honorary certificates and prizes.

The Forum became the ground for communication and establishing new links between leading scientists, young scientists, and post-graduates who are just starting their scientisic career, as well as aspiting journalists, mass media workers, representatives of foundations, deve;po[,emt institures and companies.]

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