Fifth annual VUZPROMEXPO exhibition

Latest achievements of Russian research programs – results of fundamental and applied scientitic initiatives, research&development works conducted in cooperation with Russian universitie, engineering clusters, scientific foundations, and industrial companies.

The main aim of this event was consolidation of efforts of scientists, society, state, and industry that should help to form answers to major challenges that are outlined in the Stratedy for Scientific and Technological Development of Russia in 2016. The program has been implemented for one year and the exhibition gave a chance to review its current progress.

The business program of the exhibition was based on three main priorities: «Science and Society», «Science and State», «Science and Business». Apart from that, the events were focused on strategic aims of scientific development of the Russian Federation. improving quality of life, ensuring state security, efficient manufacturing with increasing share of hi-tech industries.

The program of the event included round tables, reporting conferences, and presentations on key topics of scientific and technological development of Russia, scientific festivals and contests for the youth.

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