Expert evaluation of scientific projects

On of the key domains of the work of «Inconsult K» is organising expert evaluation of projects.

Having more than ten years of experience in organising international expert evaluations and economic assessment, during periods of conducting major expert evaluation campaigns «Inconsult K» recruits over 1000 Russian and foreign professional experts specializing in various fields of studies and in scientific program management.

Among the projects for which our company provided expert evaluation services are several state scientific and technological programs including such important efforts as the Federal Target Program «Scientific and pedagogical personnel for the innovative Russia for 2009 - 2013», the Federal Scientific and Technological Program for development of agriculture for 2017-2025, the Mega-grant program, the program for development of cooperation between science and business, grants of the President of Russia, the 5-100 Project, development of National Technology Initiative Centers, leading research centres and leading companies in the domain of end-to-end digital technologies.

Thanks to the our accumulated experience, we have created a system that provides a complex approach to organising expert evaluations and allowing to tune the process of project evaluation to customer needs:

Expert evaluations methodological support group
Group for communications with experts   Analytics group   Experts database   Information system  

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