New mega-grant laboratory in Magnitogorsk

On 5 June a new mega-grant laboratory was launched at the Magnitogorst State Technitcal University named after G.I.Nosov (MSTU). The international Laboratoy for Gradient Nanomaterials will allow Russian and foreign researchers to develop hi-tech manufacturing rechnologies and optical electronic equipment for creation of new materials with unique combination of durability and plasticity for prospective applications in aerospace, automotive, military and other industries.

In 2017 the Magnitogorst State Technical University's research team lead by Alexander Pesin, Doctor of Technical Sciences won the competition for grant funding from the Government of the Russian Federation.

The MSTU will use its mega-grant to create a modern laboratory featuring a rolling mill allowing asymmetric cold rolling that does not have any analogues in the world. Researchers from Moscow, Ufa and Magnitogorsk will take part in creation of the device. The leading scientist invited to the laboratory is Alexander Zhilyaev, Doctor of Physics and Mathematics and the leading research fellow of the Institute of Metals Superplasticity Problems of the Russian Academy of Sciences (in Ufa).

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