Our Values

The team that has formed over the 25 years of existence of our company is a crew of professionals united by common foundations, responsible approach to work and supporting corporate culture of the company. Nowadays, more than 60 graduates of Russian universities are working in our company: engineers, designers, technicians and metrologists, economists, linguists, analysts and standartization experts. 8 staff members have a degree of cadidate of technical, economic, biological, and political sciences.

Reputation and responsibility

We value the reputation we have gained and gradually accumulate this main «intangible asset». We are building a client-oriented policy where we treat each parther as our key associate. This is why we are fully transparent, we abidy by professional ethics and eliminate conflict of interests.

Continous development

We are constantly launching new directions in our work in line with development of scientific and technological development of Russia. We are successfully adapting to changing demand from the market, we are continously improving our skill sets, acquiring new competences, using the most advanced methods and instruments in our work.

Long-term partnership

We interested in building long term partnerships, because we consider scientific and technological a common purpose for all the players of the market. Every client, every partner opens a new page in the company's history that we start writing together. Productive and close relatioships with our partners are based on a fine tuned personal interaction system – there is a designated manager for every client who is backed by a project team.

Acknowledgemenets from our clients

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