Supporting international scientific collaborations

On May 15 «Inconsult K» took part in an expert session devoted to supporting scientific cooperation on international level. The session had been organised by the National Staff Training Foundatition in the Saint Petersburg Institute of High Molecular Compounds of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

The session hosted a dicsussion of current issues in funding of scientific research and development projects by national foundations or scientfic progress and international programs supporting scientific cooperation that are available in Russia.

Both Russian and foreign researchers took part in the meeting, as well as representatives of Russian and international scientific foundations, universities and scientific organisations. The «mega-grants» program (Decree No 220 of 09 April 2010 by the Government of the Russian Federation) is one of the most comprehensivprograms aimed at creation of persistent connections with scientific schools. It is aimed at attracting leading international scientists to Russian universities and scientific organisations. During the time span of the program 200 scientific laboratories have been created in Russia. The laboratories fundamental and applied research projects and train high profile scientific staff.

Irina Korotkova, CEO of «Inconsult K», dedicated her speech to results and efficiency of the program in 2016. She also informed the audience of changes in requirements for participants of the sixth competition for «mega-grants» that was announced by the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia on 28 April 2017.