«Mega-grant» program – a glance into the future

On July 11 a meeting of the Grant Council of the Government of the Russian Federation took place at the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia.

Results of implementation of the «mega-grant» program in 2016 were presented at the meeting. Leading scientists supervising laboratories delivered speeches and the main paramteres of the sixth «mega-grant» competition were discussed.

Among participants of the meeting were Grigory Trubnikov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science and Sergey Matveev, Director of the Department of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education and Science. Opening the meeting, Olga Vasilyeva, Minister of Education and Science, spoke about efficiency of the program in 2016, about scientific potential of conducted research and amount of financing. In her speech the Minister also emphasized that efficiency of the laboratories created within the framework of the program is more than three times as high as average efficiency of Russian scientific laboratories.

Grigory Trubnikov, Deputy Minister of Education and Science informed the Council of necessity to solve issues of simplifying document flow and enhancing networking between the laboratories.

During the meeting, the Council reviewed and accepted reports of laboratories on their research and proper spending of grant funding in 2016. 74 projects of the laboratories were examined. The Grant Council evaluated completeness and relevance of work conducted within each project and considered reasonability extending agreements for 2017. The Council also voiced a requirement to engage young scientists in work of laboratories and to enhance quality of scientific publications.

You can find further information concerning the program here.

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