«Mega-grant» program for aerospace industry

On 18 July 2017 during the business program of the International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2017 the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia will hold a round table devoted to development of cooperation betwe science and business in aviation and space industry. «Inconsult K» is will organise and coordinate this event.

The event is aimed at establishing open dialogue and strengthening cooperation between scientific laboratories and aerospace industry companies of Russia.

At the round table leading scientists conducting breakthrough research projects will meet executives of the biggest aviation enterprises of Russia who are interested in implementing new technologies in their businesses.

Heads of laboratories created within the framework of the «mega-grant» program will present results of fundamental and applied research in creating innovational materials and structures, developing new technologies for ensuring flight safety, designing aircraft and rocket engines, applications of lasers and nanotechnology in aircraft engineering.

The round table will feature speeches by Jose Maria Kenny, Italian expert on polimer composite materials, George Barakos, professor of aeromechanics at the University of Liverpool, Yuriy Estrin, professor of Monash University in Australia. Employees of «mega-grant» laboratories will present their new designs for business.

The program of the round table can be found on the program's website p220.ru.

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