Annual national exhibition  «VUZPROMEXPO»

The annual national exhibition & forum «VUZPROMEXPO» has been held in Moscow since 2013 and is one of the main venues in Russia for demonstration of the achievements of the Russian science, popularization of the state initiatives for creation of research-intensive enterprises and establishment of efficient communications between the academic community, the state and the business. The participants of the exhibition are leading Russian universities, scientific institutions, engineering centers, and companies various areas of the Russian economy.

Over 150 universities and scientific organizations, 14 National Technological Initiative centers, 5 science & education centers, several dozens of companies and industrial holdings took part in «VUZPROMEXPO-2019». More than 1000 exhibits were on display, among which were the premieres of over 300 scientific and technological solutions in the domains of computer engineering, medical equipment, aerospace technologies, and other fields of science and innovations.

The business program of «VUZPROMEXPO-2019» was devoted to the first year of the implementation of the national projects «Science» and «Education» in Russia. The main topic of the conversation in round tables, panel discussions, seminars, and other events were creation and development of world-class science & education centers, digitalization of education, strengthening of cooperation of educational and scientific organizations with the business sector, development of additional training programs and other relevant problems of the academic and educational life.

The youth program of «VUZPROMEXPO-2019» featured a series of events showcasing development of career trajectories for Russian students, graduates, young researchers and professionals as well as the finals of several Russian scientific and technological competitions including the final of the All-Russian Robotics Competition «RTC Cup».

Over the two days of «VUZPROMEXPO-2019» it was attended by about 10000 visitors.

«Inconsult K» acts as the directorate of this event by order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation.

Provided services

  • Development of the concept of the exhibition and the design project of the exposition
  • Engagement of participants and partners
  • Development of the design and providing POS materials to participants and guests
  • Selecting the venues of the exhibitions
  • Building the exposition and providing engineering support
  • Formation of the program of the exhibition and the forum
  • Conducting the advertisement and information campaign and press events
  • Development and support of the official website


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