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Expert evaluation of research proposals submitted by universities participating in the 5-100 Project within strategic academical units

The 5-100 project is a state initiative to to improve competitive ability of Russian universities. The project is implemented by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science in accordance with the Decree No 599 of the President of the Russian Federation «On measures to implement state policy in education and science».

The aim of the project is to increase prestige of Russian higher education and to promote at least fiuve universities participating in the project to top 100s of three renowned international ratings: Quacquarelli Symonds, Times Higher Education, and Academic Ranking of World Universities.

We have organised international expert evaluation of universities' proposals of research, development, and design works within the framework of strategic academical units. 122 leading scientists from universities of USA, Germany, Italy, UK, France, Canada, and other countries took part in this project.

2016 #Expert evaluations

Expert evaluation of applications for a competition at the Sevastopol State University

Our company has organised expert evaluation of fundamental and applied research projects presented by scientific teams of the Sevastopol State University to fulfill the base part of the state research objectives.

2016 #Expert evaluations

Compiling analytical reports for governmental bodies concerning scientific development in the field of nanosystems and nanomaterials

«Inconsult K» has prepared an analytical report «Development of nanotechnologies in the world and a roadmap for Russia». We researched innovative potential of nanotechnologies worldwide and performed comparative analysis of priority development areas of nanotechnologies in Europe, the USA, and Russia to determine prospective cases for international cooperation in this industry. Our team has provided proposals for development of innovational infrastructure in Russia and to enhance international (including Russia) innovational research in nanotechnology.

2015 #Analytics

Preparing the analytical report «Developing cooperation with the Russian scientific diaspora: experience, issues, prospects»

The report has been prepared in collaboration with the Russian-speaking Academic Science Association (RASA). The aim of this report was to evaluate experience and problems preventing effecient communication with Russian-speaking researchers and developing proposals for new forms of cooperation.
Read the report

2015 #Analytics

Organisational, technological and informational support for competition procedures and fulfillment of government order within the Federal special purpose program «Scientific and Pedagogical Staff of Innovational Russia for 2009 – 2013»

The Federal special purpose program was developed by order of the President of the Russian Federation. Arrangements planned in the program combine targeted funding of research projects in scientific centers, studies under supervision of leading Russian scientists conducted by young scientists and postgraduate students including projects directed by Russian scientists invited from abroad. Targeted funding of infrastructure projects — internships for young scientists, conducting all-Russian and international scientific conferences, schools, academic competitions, support programs for hobby groups, workshops etc. The program's website is www.fcpk.ru

Our company has conducted organisational, technological, and informational support of the project: collecting applications to form topics, developing projects of specification documents to manage the Federal special purpose programs, preparing competition documentations, organising expert evaluation of competition applications and reports, providing support to Scientific Coordination Council and competition commissions of the programs, compiling analytical materials for conducted competitions, creating and developing the Progam's website.

2009 — 2013 #Project management #Expert evaluations #Consulting #Analytics

All-Rusian Youth Conference «Summarizing the Federal special purpose program «Scientific and Pedagogical Staff of Innovational Russia for 2009 — 2013» (the «HR Program»)

The Conference summarised affairs of the «HR Program» for 2009 — 2013 and outlined the objectives of the «HR Program» for 2014 — 2020.

Works have been conducted in cooperation with the National Foundation for Human Resources Training.

Proceedings of the Conference

2013 #Event management

Forum-exhibition «Results of implementation of the Federal special purpose program «Research and Development in Top Priority Areas of Progress of Science and Technology Complex of Russia» in 2007 – 2013» (the «Scientific Priorities program»)

«Inconsult K» has organised and conducted exhibition of results of projects in 2017 — 2013 that won the competition within the Scientific Priorities program. A conference has been conducted that featured speaches by performers of state contracts, representatives of federal government bodies, Russian scientific foundations. The conference concluded the results of the closed Program and outlined tasks and objectives of the new Program implemented since 2014.

2013 #Event management

Monitoring scientific and technological development in the area of nanosystems and materials within the Federal special purpose program «Research and Development in Top Priority Areas of Progress of Science and Technology Complex of Russia» in 2007 – 2013» (the «Scientific Priorities program»)

The Scientific Priorities program is a group of arrangements, procedures and regulations through which the state can implement scientific and technological policy allocating state orders for research and development in research directions that are considered top priority.

The aim of the Scientific Priorities program is developing research potential of the Russian Federation to enhance priority areas of scientific and technological of the Russian Federation.

We have researched, modernised and refined our project monitoring system for the nanosystems and nanomaterials industries. Our company has monitored over 1000 research, deelopment, testing and design works, including collaborations with foreign organisations. «Inconsult K» has followed the projects on all stages from elaborating projects of competition lots and preparing projects of state contracts to supporting and controlling implementation processes of projects and compiling analytical materials and expert evaluation conslusions after expert evaluation of the projects.

2007 — 2013 #Monitoring

Exhibition of collaborative projects between universities and organisations implementing complex projects to create hi-tech manufactures within the framework of the Decree No 218 of 09 April 2010 by the Government of the Russian Federation

Our company has organised and conducted an exhibition of projects conducted by universities and enterprises of the real sector of economy in 2010 — 2012 within the scope of the Decree No 218 of 09 April 2010 by the Government of the Russian Federation. During the exhibition, a conference was held to showcase results of implementing the Decree in 2010 — 2012 and set new tasks for 2013 — 2015.

2012 #Event management

Developing the project, organising manufacturing process and monitoring the plant producing colorant super concentrate for plastic materials in Nizhnekamsk, developing and implementing a production management system based on a balanced key performance indicators system

«Inconsult K» has analysed the market of colorant super concentrate for plastic materials, analysed suppliers, selected the location for the plant, created a business plan, negotiated with equipment vendors, provided legal counseling for equipment, raw materials, and production space purchase deals, as well as developed the organisation structure of the plant, developed a new sales model.

Result: the largest plastic materials colorant super concentrates plant in Russia had been created. The plant was later purchased by a Western company.

2002 — 2008 #Project management #Monitoring #Analytics

Analysis, informational, analytical and methodological support of innovative projects of federal importance

Our company has monitored and provided informational, analytical and methodological support to the innovational project of federal importance «Development of technologiies and organising manufacturing process of polymer composite materials based on nanofillers with 1,5-2 longer lifespan. Forecasting technological and economical indicators of the project during every round of its implementation». This project was conducted by a real economical sector company within an agreement the Federal Agency for Science and Innovations of the Russian Federation

2004 — 2007 #Monitoring #Analytics #Consulting

Developing the concept of intellectual property copyrights of Russian scientific organisations collaborating in international projects

This work has been conducted to enable cooperation of Russian scientific foundations, universities, and innovative enterprises with foreign partners from EU member countries.

Our company has analysed recommendations of the European Commission concerning intellectual property protection for products created before and during the course of implementing international projects. We have developed a course consisting of five lectures on protecting intellectual property within the Seventh Framework Programme for research and development (FP7). We have developed proposals for intellectual property protection in Russian foundations participating in international reseach projects.

2006 #Analytics #Consulting

Analysis, informational, analytical and methodological support of complex projects

Our company has monitored the complex project «Development of net generation corporate information and management system for government offices, regions, enterprises and organisations based on dynamic adaptive models and the common informational and functional platform» conducted by an enterprise of the real economy sector within the Federal Special Purpose Scientific and Technological Program Research and Development in Top Priority Areas of Progress of Science and Technology Complex of Russia in 2002 – 2006».

2005 — 2006 #Monitoring

Analysis, informational, analytical and methodological support of complex projects

«Inconsult K» has monitored the complex project «Development of enhanced technology to explore and carbohydrates on compound, deep fields» within the Federal Special Purpose Scientific and Technological Program Research and Development in Top Priority Areas of Progress of Science and Technology Complex of Russia in 2002 – 2006».

2005 — 2006 #Monitoring

Monitoring implementation of the priority area «Nanosystems and nanomaterials industry» within the Federal Special Purpose Scientific and Technological Program Research and Development in Top Priority Areas of Progress of Science and Technology Complex of Russia in 2002 – 2006»

The main objects of the Program are development and utilisation of scientific and technological potential including comples development of the national innovational system of the Russian Federation based on innovational activity, sensitivity of companies to state of the art technologies. This will allow for diversification and enhancing competetive ability of Russian economy.

Our company has created and tested a system to analyse implementation of the priority area «Nanosystems and nanomaterials industry» (checking for compliance with key performance indicators, detecting and eamining negative factors). We have proposed measures to clarify the key performance indicators, topics and budget spending of the priority area «Nanosystems and nanomaterials industry». Proposals to refine implementation mechanisms of the Program as a whole. We have monitored 73 state contracts for research, development, design and testing works.

2005 — 2006 #Monitoring #Analytics

Organising and supporting ISO certification of a research and production enterprise in Zelenograd

«Inconsult K» has analysed the structure of the enterprise, its management. We have provided descriptions of business processes, projects, functional roles. Additionally, we selected Russian and international certifying bodies. Annual audit to verify the certification has been conducted.

2004 — 2006 #Project management #Analytics#Consulting

Complex task of implementing management accounting in a research and industrial holding in Zelenograd

Our company has analysied existing business processes of the company and conducted audit of its operations. We have developed a 5 year development strategy for the company, determined business units within the company, described interactions and implemented management accounting.

2002 — 2005 #Project management #Analytics #Consulting

Developing innovation development concept in oil and gas industry

Our company has provided a concept for development and a business plan for the technology transfer center of the Khanty-Mansiisk autonomous district

2004 #Project management #Consulting

Developing the landscape tourism development concept for the Kaliningrad region

«Inconsult K» has provided proposals to form the economical development strategy of the Kaliningrad reagions based on the mechanism of implementing «total innovativeness» in the economy and increasing efficiency of small and middle businesses by creating clusters. Proposals have been presented to create tourism clusters, launch ecotourism centres. The analytical report «Business clusters as a tool for social and economical development of the Kaliningrad region» has been presented.

2003 — 2004 #Project management #Analytics #Consulting

Participation in development of the business strategy and preparing the buisness plan for foreign investors «Creation of ethnographical, handicraft and trading centre «Fishers village» in Kaliningrad»

We have developed a draft project that served as a basis for the business plan for the project «Creation of ethnographical, handicraft and trading centre «Fishers village» in Kaliningrad». Keyontes have been created for foreign investors.

2003 #Project management #Analytics #Consulting

Developing a buisness strategy for a pharmaceutical production enterpries

Developing a business strategy, participating in setting up production and monitoring a plant producing nutritional supplements based on beta-carotene.

1998 — 2000 #Project management #Consulting

Participation in the program for clearing state debt of the Russian Federation to Hungary with respect to implementing products of Russian companies to Hungary.

We have presented a project of an agreement between the Government of Hungary and the Government of the Russian Federation in the area of nanoscience and nanotechnology, our company prepared and organised negotiations between the parties, compiled the structure of created Hungaro-Russian innovational center in nanotechnology. Additionally, we organised signing of all the documents, orchestrated shipping of Russian nanotechnological equipment to Hungary, and showcased the shipped equipment.

1998 — 2000 #Project management #Analytics #Consulting

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