«Science of the Future» International Conference

«Science of the Future» International Conference has been conducted annualy under the auspices of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Fedeataion. This Conference helps to demonstrate achievements of Russian laboratories created within the framework of the «mega-grants» program, to enhance exchange of scientific experience, initiate discussion of current problems of Russian and international science, prospects of development of international cooperation and organising research processes in our country.
The «Inconsult K» company is the directorate of the Conference. We perform the whole range of works to prepare, organise and conduct the Conference. We have conducted two conferences so far:
2014 – 1st «Science of the Future» International Conference in Saint Petersburg
2016 – 2nd «Science of the Future» International Conference in Kazan

2014 – 2016

over 2000 participants
45 countries
over 130 events
680 keynotes by leading Russian and international scientists

Works within the project

  • Developing the concepts, programs and scenarios of the Conferences
  • Selecting venues for the Conferences
  • Selecting speakers and informing them of the Conference and terms of participation
  • Developing te Conference's brand, decorating the venue
  • Developing and maintaininРазработка и ведение официального сайта конференции
  • Coducting advertising campaigns
  • On-site management of the events: coordinating works, moderation
  • Providing the venues with necessary technical equipment
  • Meeting and accomodating participants, organising meal services
  • Organising entertainment and city tours for participants

Project lifespan: 2014 – 2016
Project manager: Larisa Kotlyarskaya

Official website: sf-conf.ru