Monitoring nanosystems industry projects

We monitor research and development processes and complex projects in the nanosystems industry that has been one of the top priority development areas of Russian science and technology.
«Inconsult K» has been conducting vast amount of work in the nanosystems industry including monitoring state contracts for research, development, testing and design works within the framework of the Federal special purpose program «Research and Development in Top Priority Areas of Progress of Science and Technology Complex of Russia for 2007 – 2013», as well as monitroing of applied research projects, experimental designs and reporting documentation for the «Research and Development in Top Priority Areas of Progress of Science and Technology Complex of Russia» for 2014 – 2020».

Since 2018 our company participates in monitoring scientific and technological projects ensuring implementation of top priority scientific and technological development of Russia set forth in § 20(a) of the Strategy of Scientific and Technological Debelopment of the Russian Federation «transition to state of the art digital, intellectual manufacturing technologies, robotic systems, new materials, and engineering methods, creation of big data processing systems, machine learining and artificial intelligence» in the field of «nanosystems industry» abd «rational utilisation of environmental resources».

2005 – 2018

monitoring 1 090 state contracts
monitoring 510 projects
over 2 500 report documentation packages
over 2 000 monitoring conclusions
80 monitoring visits to project sites

Works within the project

  • Developing drafts of standards and methodological documents for organisational, technological, and information support of projects
  • Supporting preparation and signing of agreements, monitoring course of implementation of projects, including expert evaluation of compliance agreements and research&development documentation with regulations
  • Monitoring results of projects, spending of grants, achievement target key performance indicators
  • Consulting and methodological support of organisation and conducting projects
  • Consulting and methodological support of project customers and other governing bodies of the program
Project lifespan: 2005 – 2018
Project manager: Lyudmila Luneva

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