The International Scientific Conference «Science of the Future» and the All-Russian Forum  «Science of the Future — Science of the Youth» have, over many years, been the main grounds in out country for development of international academic communications and discussion of such important problems as scientific mentoring, development of career trajectories, entrepreneurship in research-intensive domains of business, motivation of the youth to pursue research goals. The events help us to build perception of science as the most important resource for the progress of the society in young people.

The «Science of the Future» conference and the «Science of the Future – Science of the Youth» conference have been conducted since 2014. They unite members of various categories of the scientific and pedagogical community: final year students, master degree students and postgraduates of leading Russian universities, young researchers, recipients of presidential scholarships, winners of awards for young scientists, winners of the Presidential program of the Russian Science Foundation as well as leading Russian and foreign scientists including researchers working in Russian within the mega-grant program.

An important element of the «Science of the Future – Science of the Youth» forum is conducting finals of the All-Russian Competition of Student Scientistic Works.

The competition that attracts over two thousand Russian students is held over several months before the forums. The jury selecting winners features prominent scientists and experts of out country. Award ceremonies of the competition traditionally become one of the most emotional moments of the forums uniting and motivating young researchers to continue their academic careers.

In 2019 the events took place in Sochi and attracted over 1500 participants. Within the conference and the forum, the French and the German science days were held.

«Inconsult K» acts as the Directorate of the events by the order of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of Russia. Further information can be found at:

2014  – 1st International Conference «Science of the Future» in Saint Petersburg

2015 – 1st All-Russian Youth Scientific Forum «Science of the Future — Science of the Youth» in Sevastopol

2016  – 2nd All-Russian Youth Scientific Forum «Science of the Future — Science of the Youth» in Kazan

2017 – 3rd All-Russian Youth Scientific Forum «Science of the Future — Science of the Youth» in Nizhniy Novgorod

2019 – 4th All-Russian Youth Scientific Forum «Science of the Future — Science of the Youth» in Sochi


6000 students and postgraduates
260 universities and scientific foundations
400 leading Russian and foreign researchers
over 800 keynotes


Provided services:

  • Developing the concept of the forum and its programs
  • Selecting venues
  • Organising and realising all-Russian competitions of research works of students and postgraduates
  • Forming expert groups, developing methodologies of assessment of research works
  • Organising expert evaluations of scientific projects
  • Informing and engaging participants and partners in the conference
  • Developing event identity
  • Developing and maintaining the official website of the forum
  • Creating and maintaining social network accounts for the forum
  • Conducting advertising and information campaigns and press events
  • Organising the events at the venues – coordinating operations, providing moderation
  • Technological support of events, providing necessary equipment
  • Meeting and providing accommodation to participants, catering of participants
  • Organising leisure activities and sightseeing programs
  • Compiling and publishing proceeding and keynotes of the events


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