Mega-grants program

The «mega-grants» program (Decree No 220 of the Government of the Russian Federation of 09 April 2010) is aimed at attracting leading world-class scientists to Russian universities and scientific organisations. Over the period of implementing the program 236 scientific laboratories have been created where under fundamental and applied research projects are conducted supervision of prominent Russian and foreign scientists. These laboratories also train high-skilled scientific personnel.
«Inconsult K» has been the directorate of the «mega-grant» program since 2010 and provides organisational, technical, informational and analytical support of the project acting as its project office.

2010 – 2018

6 «mega-grants» competitions
3 140 applications
over 15 000 expert evaluations
600 analytical reports and materials
monitoring of 236 laboratories

Works within the project

  • Development and implementation of an event management system
  • Creation of regulatory basis
  • Organising and conducting competitions, including international expert evaluation of applications
  • Ensuring communication between laboratories and management bodies of the program
  • Information support and consulting of projects
  • Organising expert evaluation of projects by Russian and international experts
  • Monitoring fulfillment of target objectives
  • Supporting documentation workflow
  • Creation and maintenance of the program's official website
  • Popularising results of existing laboratories' work

Project lifespan: 2010 — 2020
Project manager: Vladislav Shpaikher

Official website:

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