Federal Scientific and Technological Progam for Development of Agrigulture

The aim of the Program is to ensure stable development of manufacturing in agriculture produced with use of Russian thoroughbred seeds of new Russian breeds, technologies for producing high quality fodder, feeding supplementsfor cattle, as well as medications for veterinary applications, pesticides and agricultural chemicals of biological nature, storage and processing of agricultural product, raw materals and food supplies, modern means of diagnostics, quality control and expert analysis of genetic materials.

Official site of the Program – http://www.fntp.ru/.

Our company serves as the p[roject officeFederal Scientific and Technological Progam for Development of Agrigulture for 2017–2025 (далее – Программа).

Our company performs:

  • consulting and methodological support of the Program. This includes explaining the rules of filing for filing an application for pariticpation in the program;
  • organisational and technical support of selecting projects that will participate in the Program, including assessment o compliance off projects' passports wuth the requirements set by the Program.;
  • cobsulting and methodological support for compiling reports for progects participate in the Program;
  • collecting and processing statistics on the progress of projects supprograms and the Program as a whole;
  • storing data concerning the projects selected for participateion in the Program;
  • development of measures to prevent threats to implementation of projects (if necessary).

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