Happy Russian Science Day!

«Manking does not have a power that is more powerful and glorius than science» N.Gorkiy.

On 8 February we celebrate Russian Science Dat. This day has special importance for Russia and it allows us to rememeber has given many famous researchers to the world. Thanks to such scientists as Mikhail Lomonosov, Dmitriy Mendeleev, Ivan Pavlov and many others, science has become a powerful resource for Russia that allows us to implement econnomic transformations in the country. Works of scientists have always been an important part of national welath. and a power that moves progress forward.

Today, Russia continues to enhance national science and creates the environment that allows to achieve breakthroughs and solve the challenges our country is facing. Russia has been running the mega-grants program that attracts leading scientists as superviusors of laboratories and to build powerful international research teams in Russia. Wuthin this project, New laboratories are built and existing ones are enhanced under the auspices of leading Russian and foreign scientists. Now Russian researchers are helping the industry with their hi-tech achievement, Strong links have been established with research communities of other countries.

Russia stimulates science to develop new technologies that can improve quality of life and bring steady development to Russia.