35 leading scientists received millions of rubles to conduct research

358 leading scientists from 41 countries competed for grants in collaboration with 170 Russian scientific and educational foundations. Most of the applications (116) were aubmitted by scientists who are Russian nationals. Researchers from the United States submitted 35 applications, 18 applications came from France, 17 from Germany, 16 from the United Kingdom. The topics of the proposed projects covered 35 fields of studies.

Out of 35 winners selected by the Grant Council, 11 researchers are Russian citizens whiule the other 24 scientists represent 24 countries, including the USA, Framce, Italy, Germany, Israel and others.

The winning research projects will be conducted on the grounds of 28 Russian universities and scientific organisations.

Further information can be found at http://p220.ru/home/news/item/1367-win3011.

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